• Get Out of Bed is out!!!
    You can now purchase Get Out of Bed from my shop with an instant download! This is my first attempt at a piece of interactive fiction. It’s not too long, but there are forty endings to obtain. Yes you can even die trying to get out of bed in this bed emergence simulation, as you … Read more
  • New Shop
    I’ve spent this past weekend setting up the new shop, which I hope will be pleasing to anyone that uses it. From my point of view it does seem like an improvement from the previous iteration. In other news I’ve put in an application to attend the Lone Star Zine Fest which is December 4th, … Read more
  • Talking to a Wall
    Words fall far from The well meaning masses I feel Good When you step on my Sunglasses Would you please provide me With a bit of sympathy  Or would you rather feed me to the car wash Bleach burn bummer blues experience  I don
  • Derelict Ink Core Edition Vol.1
    Here is the core content from the first volume of Derelict Ink. Read it and share it, if you feel so inclined. Read it out loud to your pets. Sing it out in a story. Turn it into zingers on zoom. Most of all enjoy.
  • Zine Fest Houston 2019
    I will be tabling at Zine Fest Houston 2019, so come on out and support me and other zinesters on September 7th. I’ll have copies of volume 2 and some copies of volume 1. If copies of Get Reelisms get in before the fest I’ll have a couple to sale. Stop by and get a … Read more